Aussie Pouch®

Corporate Sponsorship Program


 Our Corporate Sponsorship Program is designed to help schools get genuine Aussie Pouch®  Chair Pockets into classrooms while eliminating the cost to the school! 

An administrator, teacher, parent or PTO/PTA volunteer finds a sponsor that is willing to pay for Aussie Pouches, in exchange for their logo being screen printed on to the pockets.  
Aussie Pouches are manufactured to last up to 10 years; please inform your sponsor that this is a multi-year promotional opportunity!  Their logo will be seen for as long as the pouches are used, and  will be helping students and teachers in the process! 
After a sponsor is found, contact us and we will coordinate the order!
1) This program requires an order minimum of 100 Aussie Pouches (can be a mix of sizes and styles).
2) Please be aware that the sponsored Aussie Pouches will cost more since we have to screen print a custom logo! Cost is dependent on each individual logo design, but is typically in the range of an additional $2 per pocket.