Aussie Pouch® Chair Pockets are the premier school chair pocket!

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Made in the USA school chair pockets that last up to 10 years.

"I purchased a class set of these pouches approximately 7 years ago. They have been machine washed and dried at least 30 times and they still look like they are brand new. No snags or tears, even with fifth graders packing them full. No other chair pocket compares. This is literally one of the best purchases I have ever made for my classroom. Great way to keep supplies organized and ready to use, which is a huge time saver. Don't hesitate to purchase, you will not be disappointed!"
"These pouches have been so nice and make my class a less cluttered, safer place to be. A co-worker has these for her class and has had them for 10+ years. They last forever. Very happy with them."
"WOW! Amazing and easy way to keep my classroom organized and my kids on task! They can easily keep all their folders organized in order to transition from subject to subject without losing time!"
"These chair bags are very high quality. The denim used should last me years. They save me so much room on my tables and students are no longer tripping on their stuff on the floor."
"These are great! I purchased a partial class set to replace some I have had and been using for more than 10 years before they actually wore out. I am able to machine wash them easily and even dyed them one year to refresh the denim color as they have lasted so long. Will continue to replace those as needed and not go back to any other chair pockets that never get clean no matter what we tried! And they cost the same - big mistake to ever let the school purchase other than Aussie Pouches."
"These are the best chair pouches! They are sturdy. They can be easily cleaned in a washer and dryer. Since you can order the best size for your chairs, the pouches FIT! The folders do not "hang out" into the aisle because the pouches are too big for your chairs. They last so long and are well worth the price!"
"These pouches are by far the best! As a teacher of over 15 years, I tried many kinds just for them to be ripped at the seams before half the year was over! Not Aussie!! I had them in a first grade classroom for over 5 years and not one pouch ever broke. I even washed them in the washing machine every year! Now I teach third at a different school and saw a need for them once again!! They are fabulous! Top notch material! I say they’re the best on the market!"
"I LOVE these! I love that they are easily washable, hold up fantastically, and add some color to my classroom. Worth every penny!"
"These are great! My students love them and they are easy to use. I have had many chair pockets in the past but not as durable as these."
"I have been using these pouches for almost three years now in my second grade classroom and they have very little noticeable wear. I love the two little pockets at the bottom of the Organizer Chair Pocket because they are the perfect size for my students to have a quick place to tuck their “free read book” in one side and have quick access to their crayons/markers on the other side."

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Aussie Pouch® School Chair Pockets provide easy access storage for all classrooms!