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seriously strong chair pockets.

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"WOW! Amazing and easy way to keep my classroom organized and my kids on task! They can easily keep all their folders organized in order to transition from subject to subject without losing time!"

– Carrie

"These chair bags are very high quality. The denim used should last me years. They save me so much room on my tables and students are no longer tripping on their stuff on the floor."

– Aaron

"These pouches have been so nice and make my class a less cluttered, safer place to be. A co-worker has these for her class and has had them for 10+ years. They last forever. Very happy with them."

– Sharon

"I LOVE these! I love that they are easily washable, hold up fantastically, and add some color to my classroom. Worth every penny!"

– Megan

Machine washable

Last up to 15 years

proudly made in the U.S.A.

Organized Classrooms Do Exist

Aussie Pouches can give you the model classroom you've always wanted!

classroom organized with Aussie Pouch® Chair Pockets