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Worth it

My first set of pouches lasted almost 20 years. These are the only ones I will buy.

Best Value for Money Spent

These chair pockets are made with quality material and can withstand the day to day activities in any classroom. They are also machine washable. The chair pockets enhance classroom efficiency/organization as well as the aesthetics of the classroom. Lastly, I fully support buying products made here, in the United States of America. I recommend these chair pockets for every classroom, home study/office area, etc.

Great Quality

Very practical, helpful and durable!

Classic Chair Pocket: Clearance
Andrea B.
Excellent Quality and a great deal

These pouches are #1 for lasting durability and function. This clearance deal made it an even better decision to purchase. Thank you

long lasting

Great Quality

Our chair pockets worked perfectly for our needs. They are high quality and fit our chairs well. We didn't know which size we needed, but the customer service was extremely helpful and they helped us get the right product. We would definitely recommend this product.

Fabulous Seat Sacks

I absolutely love the Aussie Classic chair pocket seat sack! This is my second set as the first set lasted well over 10 years. I use them to hold the students whiteboards expo and cleaning cloth. They are very durable and hold up year after year, even after washing them each year. They look fabulous and make the classroom look. Neat and organized.

Curve Chair Covers

Very durable material, love that it is washable, and the quality is great!

The Best Organizers Ever!

Aussie Pouches are great for classroom organization. When my students saw them, they were so happy. One student said, "This will help keep our desk straight!"

This was a great purchase!

Great for table users

I’ve used these seat sacks in my class room for years and they are the best product ever. They hold up well and allow my students to use tables, while still having a place for their most important supplies. Love these!

Amazing find

I actually found some of these at a garage sale and once I saw how well they held up, I knew I needed to purchase more! These are great and I’m definitely tripping over less stuff this year! I’ll be purchasing more once some of these older ones wear out.

Happy with my purchase

Easy ordering, product is of great quality.

Curve Chair Pocket
Lorraine G.
durable and easy to wash

I love that you offer different sizes for different sizes of chairs. Chair covers are durable and easy to care for.

Great for kindergarten

Great product albeit expensive for my kindergarten class. They have all the tools they need at their chair!

Curve Chair Pocket
Denise M.P.
Simply the best product and customer service

This is my second time ordering chair pockets from your company. They are amazing. They help me keep my room nice and organized!! Also the customer service is spectacular... thank you so very much!!

Keep buying more

This product is great and durable. I had my Aussie pouches for years. What a great purchase. Worth every penny!

Twenty years experience

These are the best materials holder I have used. Coming from twenty years in the classroom using various back of chair holders.

Room to work

I teach reading to three different groups of students. With all of our wonderful texts, workbooks and composition notebooks, their tables were a mess. I just felt terribly and know how hard it is to work in a cluttered space. The Aussie Pouch has allowed them to have room to work and THINK!

Better Concentration

Purchased these Aussie Pouches for the back of my students’ chairs. They have helped keep them organized and there’s less clutter on their desks which I think helps with concentration and learning. Student know where things are and can readily get to them. I’d highly recommend for classroom use.

Good quality

The organizer chair pockets in canvas feel sturdy and good quality, I know these will last the classroom a long time.

Third time customer

I love these chair pouches! I have purchased them three times now. They last forever and are well worth the price.


Sturdy, perfect fit, easy to wash. Love them!


The quality is fantastic. I love that there are several pockets. They fit my students’ chairs very well! 10 out of 10!

So happy!!

I love my new chair pockets. The new furniture does not include individual desks, but rather tables. This means there is NO place for the kids to store their materials. They will constantly be getting up and going to a cubbie to get their materials. What a complete waste of time. The chair pockets will eliminate the controlled chaos and provide a place for kids to store their items and have easy access.

Worth the money!!!

These pouches are awesome. I bought my first set in 2017 and I am just now having to replace the original pouches. Not kidding. And I washed those pouches 3 times a year. You are definitely getting your money's worth when purchase these Aussie Pouches.